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Where Have All the Experts Gone?

Where Have All the Experts Gone?

When I was young, I grew up listening to popular music that often asked a question and almost always gave the answer. These were songs with titles like “Who Let the Dogs Out?” and “Should I stay or should I go?” Sometimes the songs didn’t come with answers and you had (and still have!) to figure it out yourself.

Now, years later, after college, substantial experience in the business and manufacturing sectors and running my own company, I’ve had to figure out and answer other, more pressing questions—the kind that can make or break a company.

For the first few years as a business manager and before I segued into social media and online marketing, my most pressing question became: How do I find skilled, experienced job candidates to interview and hire for my organization? Not only how, but where? My focus has been on the manufacturing industry. Yet I found the question applied to almost every vocation and industry. After several years of frustrating effort and lots of failure, my quest for knowledge and success became more a complaint than a question. Simply stated, it was: Where have all the experts gone!

Well, believe it or not, the answer is simple. It hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s right here! On the Internet! More specifically: here on LinkedIn.

Also, believe it or not, I know how to find it, tap into it and hire it when needed. And no, I’m not a genius or a marketing guru. But I have studied marketing gurus and hired a few over the years and learned from them (and from my own personal trial and error) the answer that is now mine to share. And it’s one I gladly share with you.

First off, what needs to be put aside and no longer the general practice is focusing on only one method to attract and obtain skilled employees. Waiting for candidates to answer ads you’ve placed in online job publications or waiting for a job shop to bring you what you need is not enough. For waiting is not the answer. The real answer is going out to search and find, thus becoming proactive.

Searching through Google, Yahoo and other search engines I found is not the most effective method, either. How can you find current job candidates, especially with unique qualifications, who don’t have the collateral or wherewithal to create their own website to post their resume or CV? Nor the money or wherewithal to index their website throughout all the search engines. Besides, can we really expect struggling job candidates to also be SEO writing wizards who know how to get websites or posts SERP (search engine result page) compliant?

However, the answer is simple for job candidates, too. To get found, they join LinkedIn and create a comprehensive profile, which is free, and even create it with SEO by using the free LinkedIn profile creation tutorial. And this is where I come in. And you can too!

I keyword search for job candidates on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn search window (located at the top left of any LinkedIn page) is incredibly facile, efficient and easy to use. I need a manufacturing designer from Spokane, Washington? I type this as my search parameter into the LinkedIn search window and hit Enter. And whammo! I get a search result of numerous pages listing manufacturing designers in Spokane, Washington, who are looking for work. I visit their LinkedIn profiles. I personally write them each a message. They respond. I schedule a job interview. Then I hire the candidate I want and need that’s the best fit for the position.

So yep, the answer is simple, and LinkedIn is the answer. And no, I’m not getting a fee or royalties from the site for writing this flattering, pro-LinkedIn piece. The pleasure from sharing important knowledge and being helpful is reward enough. Besides, I enjoy hearing from fellow professionals here on LinkedIn and sharing business tips and stimulating conversation. Now that you know where all the experts are, I look forward to hearing from you!

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