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Watering A Flower

Water and Sunshine

Water and Sunshine

Our lives are busy and chaotic.  Between home, jobs, family, activities – it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.  We need to remember that people are not rocks, dirt or weeds.  They are living, breathing beings with feelings and needs.  Using our nature metaphor, they are plants and flowers.  And they need constant sunlight and water!  (Please just go with it and don’t argue about cacti or plants that require little to no sunlight.)

Now, the great part about this is that both are free and available!  You don’t need to hand out raises, promotions, or even an extra gift during the holidays.  It only takes some of your time and attention plus some praise and kindness.  How hard is it to say?

 “Excellent job.”

“Thank you for your assistance yesterday with the presentation.”

“We appreciate the work you do.”

“Keep up the good work!”

Or even ask about their lives outside of work or pay a compliment?  

“How’s your son’s soccer team doing?”

“Did your mother’s treatment go well?

“That shirt is a great color on you!”

People like to feel like more than a number.  We spend the majority of our adult lives at our jobs.  While there it is nice to be appreciated and remembered – to be part of the team and not just some faceless, nameless cog in the machine.  So, it is for the manager, supervisor, administrator or boss who desires success in his people and for his business to utilize the tools of leadership that work and achieve success. 

A man once worked at a small new company whose boss was an expert at criticism and finding fault and never giving credit or showing appreciation. The boss’s warmth meter was somewhere near arctic. And gradually acres of flowers and plants at his company wilted and disappeared within but a few months, this man included.

On the day he parted ways with the company, he gave his boss a watering can with a long sprout and a large colorful photograph of the sun streaming rays of sunlight. And said to him, “This is for your business before it goes out of business. About how to treat and lead the people who make up your business. When you figure it out, call me, and inspire me to come back.”

That was several years ago, and his business is now long gone. Needless to say, the boss never reached out.

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