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The Way to Successfully Speak, Share and Sell!

The Way to Successfully Speak, Share and Sell!

There’s a lot of vital information and wisdom to be found in online infographics and random memes. Which probably explains why I belong to a gazillion groups and pages on Facebook and never stop networking with professional people from everywhere. They have wisdom to share and great ideas to impart. The day we stop learning is the day we die in brain and heart!

One kind of infographic I really like are those that list clear and simple bullet points or methods that show how to communicate persuasively and effectively. These translate into successful communication, which invariably translate into successfully speaking and sharing an idea, a cause or an opportunity. Or to selling something like a product or service for you the seller to earn an honest living and advance your life and career.

During my surreptitious, lifelong infographic searches and discoveries on this critically acclaimed subject, here is what I found in clear and simple bullet points and methods for persuasive and successful communication:

– Be open and transparent about yourself and what you’re selling

– Help them and let them find trust and confidence in you

– Let them do most the talking

– Be optimistic and positive, not pragmatic or realistic

– Share and sell the right idea, concept, product or service to the right customer; i.e., don’t try to sell hot tubs in the Mojave Desert or swimming pools in Alaska

– Give them time to make a decision and to ask questions

– Follow up and then follow up again and again

– Be flexible, negotiable and open-minded

– Ooze passion and conviction

The greatest salesperson can’t sell everything to everyone, I don’t care how good he is. However, if you can’t convince them to believe in your idea or cause, at least make sure they know that you believe in it!

Thus, the last bullet point is actually, in my opinion, the most important one of all.

The mark of a devoted friend or a dedicated enemy is passion and conviction. And the mark of a successful communicator and leader is the same. The truth be told, the great communicators and leaders who know this are the ones who become the most successful salespeople of all. And if anyone can sell you a hot tub in the Mojave Desert or a swimming pool in Alaska, it’s them!

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