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The Need for Recognition and Praise

The Need for Recognition and Praise

It is a known fact that no one wants to be left out and ignored. And no one likes being unappreciated and taken for granted. Political correctness may claim it’s wrong to seek applause and bask in glory. But if everyone around you is being recognized, praised and recompensed for their hard work and accomplishments, so should you. You feel this. You know this. However, the business owner, manager, CEO and/or boss who doesn’t know this is a poor leader and a lousy boss.

Let’s break it down by the numbers or, in this case, by the bullet points. Throughout life there are certain essential conditions, qualities and prizes that every person wants, needs and/or desires. In the psychology of marketing and advertising they are called the “essential life needs.” And any copywriter worth his fancy real-gold pen or four-thousand-dollar laptop knows what and how to write advertising (ad copy) that appeals and answers these essential life needs.

Some copywriters are so good at answering and fulfilling people/consumer needs and creating emotional appeal that they are able to sell swimming pools to Alaska crab fishers and camels to thoroughbred horse breeders. Every time I see my bodybuilding, yoga-instructor, health-nut friend ordering a huge, greasy, starch-filled pepperoni pizza, I know what I say here is true!

What are these essential life needs that you, me and the reclusive dude hiding out on a remote island want, need and desire? Here are a few of them:

–         The need to be loved

–         The need to love

–         Friendship

–         Family

–         Home

–         The desire to be happy

–         Approval and acceptance

–         Recognition and praise

–         Purpose in life

–         Meaning in life

–         Financial security

–         Emotional stability

–         Health and wellbeing

So, how are you running your business? Are your employees happy? Are you giving them the recognition and praise they deserve? And need? Are you a leader or a manager? Do your employees fear you or admire you? Will they follow you through the gates of hell or let you step off the cliff alone (and hopefully soon!)?

They say that a little introspection is good for the soul. Well, a lot of it can do wonders not only for your soul but for your business! The quietest and most unassuming member of your team is a human being, too, and an adherent to life’s essential needs. Step up to the plate and become not just a leader but a great leader! Every person is a flower, and every flower needs water, sunshine and nourishment. Give it! Generously! Then let your employees and team bask in applause and glory! It’s what you will get to bask in, too, don’t you know?


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