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Taking Action

Taking Action

Today I am delighted to discuss my opinion as to why managers fail at being effective and impactful, and how to avoid such failure. My opinion may be unique in that it expresses an answer which is fairly clear and simple: they fail to take action at the appropriate time.

Nothing tells your people more that you care about them than when you take responsibility for something that requires action and will make it happen for them. Never assume an issue will take care of itself or someone else will resolve a problem for you.

Be it a pay situation, complaint resolution, operations approval, a new hire or training discharge, a safety problem or HR or employee dispute, there will be work issues that will need your immediate attention and involvement. Even in matters that seemingly don’t require your personal input or assistance, you will still want to be part of the decision process.

Part of mentoring your associates and coaching them to success is always taking action on their behalf and leading from the front. It always pains me when I hear a mid-level manager tell me they can’t get their supervisor to make a decision and who are not interested in helping.

If you have to ask your “boss” more than once to assist you then you will need to manage upward and consecutively. And speak to that senior immediately and politely inform them of their lack of taking action and why it is critical they do so. Managers need to be focused on growth and the future along with implementing continuous improvement. It can be difficult if you can’t get your supervisor to engage and lead. But you can be a leader and inspire other managers to be and do the same!

If you have a supervisor who doesn’t take action, then make today the day you speak up and speak out. If you have a supervisor who always has your back and understands how to make an impact on your business, then let’s take advantage of today to thank him or her for being a leader.

Remember, managers don’t only manage, but also lead. And leadership is about caring and connecting with people, inspiring and guiding them to move positively forward, and empowering them to achieve and succeed. I have been fortunate to have had leaders above me (and beside me!) who cared and led by example while always taking action when necessary. They humbly know who they are, and I appreciate them very much!

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