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Preferred Labor Solution Services

Our Mission

Dynamic Capacity Group is the preferred labor solution service in the United States in the construction sector. Our credibility in our space is second to none because of our proven track record. Our business is dedicated to enhancing, correcting and solving real problems in the construction sector.

Our mission is to solve problems for the construction sector by providing a path towards best practices in Human Resources and creating dynamic team strategies that empower the worker to grow their professional capabilities, but only with organizations that share the same core values. We believe in leading from the front, cultivating trust and loyalty, thus providing an environment of dignity and respect.

Labor initiatives are our specialty. Once we vet our clients’ leadership to ensure they share our values of appreciating their workforce, we position a strategic labor program to increase the capacity of the facility to enable growth the greatest way possible. 

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Dynamic Capacity Group will streamline a labor pool that is consistent in regards to compensation requirements that fit a demographic profile to ensure successful capacity fulfillment, without compromising the industry well-being and reducing the labor costs of our trusted affiliate partners.

Why We Are Here

We are facing a severe labor shortage in the United States. The US construction sector must take action to curb the reduction of housing starts due to lack of capacity. It is DCG’s mission to work within traditional structures to find modern solutions to the labor crisis we all face.

The effects of construction deadline failure affects multiple industries, primarily banking. Banking, real estate, land development, concrete fabricators, framers/general contractors, material suppliers, manufacturing, and agriculture – we are all in the same boat riding towards a storm that we can’t survive.



As a veteran owned company our goal is to show the US Government, that we support and love, a true path to providence, one that facilitates labor initiatives, tax initiatives, and resolves humanitarian issues and reduces crime. Our hope is to be able to demonstrate a replicable process to solve and evolve the immigration system, while also servicing an ever-growing demand that poses a threat to every citizen.

There are undeniable problems within the country of Honduras. Political unrest is at an all-time high. Subsequently, the political unrest is disrupting local social economies. GDP has been affected in excess of $400M. It is only natural for the uneducated Honduran citizen to seek prosperity. Desperate people will do desperate things. We all witnessed the nightmarish scenario of the caravan. What the caravan falsely offered to the uneducated was a path of prosperity and a chance to achieve the American dream without any guarantees. Agencia RETO is a fully developed solution sales provider to facilitate true access to the American dream.

Our mission is to solve problems for the local Honduran economy by providing access to jobs in the USA, creating streamlined screening, profiling, recruiting, logistics and training to prepare the Honduran candidate for the journey ahead that includes a guaranteed job!

Our organization has partnered with existing businesses that specialize in logistics and human resources. Our executives are nationally recognized for their credibility regarding networking and providing labor initiatives in the staffing industry. We adopt best practices in all fronts, sparing no expense to achieve the most effective outcome.


As of today, weaknesses in the Honduran economy have been exposed. There is still more than 60% of the population living in poverty and 47% of those live in extreme poverty. A study in 2016 showed how 6 of 10 families in the rural areas of Honduras are living on just $3.28 per day. These are hardworking people with very few opportunities but with a strong determination to provide for their families. We believe these candidates can change the face of the construction industry.

Criminals prey on the weak and uneducated. A core value of RETO is to reduce the evil that is a byproduct of Coyotes – rape, extortion, murder. We have a vested interest in the region. Our Executive Director and Financial Advisor are Honduran nationals who witnessed corruption first-hand. Our goal is to reduce and ultimately end the cycle of violence, poverty and civil unrest.

Things To Consider

There are more than 1.2 million job vacancies in the US manufacturing sector alone. Our partners have access to more than 37% of that market. The Honduran government faces serious challenges in attracting foreign investment. Hondurans without opportunity can potentially become part of the problem through organized crime.


Shared data that we are willing to report progress with the US and Honduran governments. The demand for non-skilled and skilled labor in the US grows by 60,000 vacancies monthly.  

The damage in diplomacy between nations will ultimately disrupt larger economies. Eight (8) Hondurans attempt to migrate to the US illegally every hour. Having a US affiliate business, along with the services we offer, is a resolution towards all these issues.


What Does It Take To Get A Location Set Up?




DCG secures and manages all H2B visa processing along with compliance with the US Consulate office and the Department of Labor. Each location will require a Prevailing Wage Determination and Labor Certification. (up to 180 days)



Candidates are set up with transportation and arrive at the nearest International airport to location. DCG makes arrangements to transport from airport to location to introduce candidates to sight management.



A location must commit to at least 10 candidates and the upfront fee must be paid. The candidates will arrive within 30 days of executed contract and fees paid. Good stewardship to assist with finding the proper housing and transportation is encouraged.



New employees arrive to your location, trained and ready to work.


All candidates for truss manufacturing are sent through the WTCA/SBCA training for safety and truss knowledge but the majority of the training will be on the job training.

The candidate will arrive with an H2B visa which is good for 12-18 months depending on the application status. The candidate will need to return to Honduras once the H2B visa expires in order to renew. They will return back to the location now as a trained component builder with a renewed H2B visa. It is recommended to cross train the candidate in many positions to allow them to return as an experienced builder.

In some cases, a visa can be extended without the return to Honduras, however this is not recommended. It is best to allow candidates to return to Honduras and return back to the states in order to show the government true compliance. This process can be repeated indefinitely or until the need no longer exists.


Our Honduras Office

Our team in Honduras will recruit the candidates, perform background checks, do medical screenings, and train the qualified candidates.

Our Team

DCG and RETO work together to provide you with True Labor Solutions.

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Online Marketing Efforts:

  • Agencia RETO/DCG has partnered up with “Ingenio Digital”, a local company leading the way in field of data mining. 
  • Each job opportunity is carefully detailed and is posted directly, via target marketing, to all candidates that fit the description for each job.
  • This methodology guarantees us the most efficient way of finding the right candidate for the available positions.

Partnership with Non-Profits:

Currently, Agencia RETO is associated with:

  • Techo para mi país.
  • World Vision.
  • Partners of The Americas.
  • INFOP (A local technical school).

Each association has a database of individuals whom are currently looking for employment or are underemployed. Each candidate has already been trained in a certain field, screened and had a background check.

The Honduran government is commited in the recruiment process. They recruit people through job fairs and database sharing. They provide medical screening, background checks & candidate profiles.

Candidate Background Check

  • Antecedentes Penales (Criminal History).
  • Antecedentes Policiales (Police Records).
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Personal References.
  • Professional References.
  • US Embassy Honduras.

Criminal & Police Records

  • Antecedentes penales or criminal records are provided by the the Honduran Department of Justice. This official document states wether or not a candidate has been charged with a crime or is/has been under investigation.
  • Antecedentes policiales or police records are a official document given out by the Honduran Security Department stating wether or not each individual candidate has been processed by the police. This includes misdemeanors.
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Honduran Labor Program 6

Just as applying for any job, the candidate must provide a curriculum vitae with professional and personal references. This assures use the candidate has experience and provides us contacts to confirm their experience and aptitudes for any future job.

US Embassy Honduras

  • For the final step of the background check, the US Embassy in Honduras conducts an interview and an in-depth review of the candidate and the documents presented. 
  • They work conjointly with the Honduran Department of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation to make sure every document presented is 100% accurate and no stone was left unturned before greenlighting a work visa.
Honduran Labor Program 8

Medical Screening

Medical screening process is separated in three categories:

  • Mandatory vaccinations for a US work visa.
  • Standard Blood test.
  • Drug Test.


Job Training.

Cultural Literacy.


Financial Guidance.

Visa Program.

Optimization of opportunity.

The moment the Honduran new hire steps off the plane he is funded and employed with resources to assist with housing and transportation while waiting for his 1st paycheck! Our cultural literacy and associate stewardship is 2nd to none!