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Get Woke

Get Woke!

Get Woke!

I’m still trying to learn the jargon! Get woke! Basically, the question is: Are you aware of the social matters that can affect your life? Are you involved and trying to be part of the solution or are you just part of the problem? In other words, do your actions day to day make you better, your business better and your community better?

I realize the true meaning of “Get Woke” started in the 60s with racial tensions and became a political term referring to a perceived awareness of issues concerning social justice and racial justice. However, I believe today it is a great way to remind you to stay alert!

Today we have a critical shortage of skilled labor for most of the building industry. Research says it may correct itself over time (10 to 20 years). However, that research assumes we the leaders are doing something about it. My research shows that senior leaders in the building industry are not doing enough. It only affects mid-level managers. Senior management are more concerned about the bottom line but don’t truly see what is below the surface. For what it takes to recruit, train and retain a qualified candidate is taking its toll on our entire team. It will affect everyone!

If you don’t have an effective strategy to manage your labor today it will only get worse in the future. Invest in your training program today to make an impact on your new hires tomorrow. This will give them a chance to excel in your organization. If you don’t have the infrastructure, outsource it! Find a way to make it work because the cost of doing nothing is you will stress your entire organization.

Mid-Level Manager – He/She will eventually leave and go somewhere that offers a culture which appreciates and embraces their value.

Supervisor – He/She will see they are not qualified and only fell into this position because of a lack of options; eventually they will only stay loyal to the paycheck.

Employee – Frustration will ensue on two fronts, for it is truly demoralizing to work on a team that changes day to day. Who wants to work double-time to keep up with the demand to finally get your team member up to speed? Only for him or her to quit just as they become productive?

Management will eventually make the mistake of overpaying to retain. Which will demoralize the loyal employees who have been there for years making less than the new hire.


Wake up! Get Woke! Whatever you must tell yourself. Dive deep and get moving. And if you need help, it’s okay. Everyone does.

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