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Team Building

Do Some Building… Do Some Team Building!

Do Some Building… Do Some Team Building!

It’s no secret. I believe in teamwork and in using teamwork whenever possible to accomplish projects, achieve goals and create profit, success and growth for a business.

However, for a team to succeed it is essential not only to have a team that is well-trained, hardworking and efficient. But a team that is motivated and happy and who enjoys and works well together. How is this accomplished and maintained, you might ask?

Simple, by doing these things and having these events for team members on a regular basis:

– Work seminars and training sessions

– Individual seminars and training sessions

– Work meetings and lunches

– Social activities and family outings

– Team activities and competitions (my favorite)

– Finding and employing new ways to build team spirit

You are the team leader, so it is critical that you are with your team when they work, play, train and socialize together. You don’t only want to lead from the front but be right in the center of your team in all the important activities and events they do and share together. A team trusts a leader who is one of them far more than a leader who is above them.

Team building activities help team members get to know each other and feel comfortable and at ease with each other. The adage that “familiarity builds contempt” is nonsense! It is nonsense to every team leader who knows the importance of people working successfully together and getting along. Thus, the adage becomes and remains “familiarity builds respect!”

Creating team-building activities is what helps team members appreciate the importance of achieving mutual success, working for common purpose and working efficiently together. It doesn’t happen by accident, nor will happen by conducting a team event and activity once in a while. Just like exercise, bathing and sleep, these are things that need to be done on a regular basis.

When you think about team building, we’re not talking about adding new team members and increasing the size of your team. We’re talking about building the attitude, aptitude, efficiency and spirt of your team. And building these in an ever- positive, ever-growing manner. As a leader, you teach, instruct and guide. But you also participate and share. You are hands-on, not hands-gone!

Create intelligent and inventive challenges and collaborations between your team members. Induce them to challenge each other, but also to help each other and to vie for achieving mutual success and goals. If you can’t think of anything, then go online and do some research or ask friends and other team leaders for ideas. The wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented. It just needs to be kept well-oiled and well-nourished.

One idea that works is find out who loves to read and challenge them to read the same book that you are currently reading. One book I might recommend is The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. For the team in that great novel achieved the ultimate. What is the ultimate, you might ask for your team to achieve?

When the team totally feels and totally becomes: “One for all and all for one!”

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