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About Us

True labor initiative consultants providing training and guidance tailored to your organization’s needs.

Our Goals

Align an HR process with a financial objective.
“The value of changed behavior”
Influence behavior with an incentive program that has everyone targeting the same goal.

New Incentives For Leadership

Change In Culture

Industry Collaboration


Truss Plant Worker
Truss Plant Worker

New Incentive For Leadership
Production leadership needs aligned with the same goal by being paid on output. Plant manager and production manager (first line supervisors) need to be on the same page of hitting common goals.

Change In Culture
Today the manufacturing industry has a poor reputation. No one wants to work in manufacturing and 3 out of 4 parents admit they would not want their children to work in manufacturing or in any warehouse facility. We take an active approach to change the outlook of manufacturing and we create a clear path for anyone to pursue a career with your company. Associates deserve a job that will allow them to properly support their family financially. This program would take an unskilled worker from an entry $11.50 per hour position and allow them to progress to a skilled position that will pay $40k-$60k per year based on performance. The right candidate can become a Plant Manager and potentially a General Manager or more. Key is to identify the proper starting wages and show them on day 1 that they can achieve success within your organization.

Industry Collaboration
General Managers and Regional Managers need to take an active approach to the community and be more involved in our industry leadership. The SBCA meets monthly and quarterly. They offer resources and programs for Component Manufacturing companies. Understanding what is going on in regards to our evolving industry has huge benefits.

Collaborating on best practices, quick building code changes, and how new equipment can impact the footprint of our business will keep you ahead of the competition. This also allows you to have some credibility with your customers. The SBCA is connected to the Framers Association too!

We need to stay connected to our industry.

We will drug test all new hires to ensure 100% drug free staffing.

We maintain the necessary compliance requirements to ensure all facilities are protected from I9 Violations and we follow all E-Verify guidelines.

Our employees are protected with workers comp insurance to properly protect all associates in the unlikely event of an injury. We are always safeguarding the customer’s liability.

Recruiting is handled on a case by case scenario. Representation is always available.

About Us | Dynamic Capacity Group
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Align an HR process with a financial objective. Influence behavior with an incentive program that has everyone targeting the same goal.

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