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True labor initiative consultants providing labor and training initiatives tailored to your organization’s needs.
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Preferred Labor Solution Services

Labor initiatives are our specialty

Once we vet our clients’ leadership to ensure they share our values of appreciating their workforce, we position a strategic labor program to increase the capacity of the facility to enable growth the greatest way possible.

Our Vision

We desire to be the preferred labor supplier for all sectors in the construction industry. This will be completed by demonstrating our ability to perform on all levels of integrity, teamwork, accountability and continuous improvement.

Why We Are Here

We are facing a severe labor shortage in the United States. The US construction sector must take action to curb the reduction of housing starts due to lack of capacity. It is DCG’s mission to work within traditional structures to find modern solutions to the labor crisis we all face.


As a veteran owned company our goal is to show the US Government, that we support and love, a true path to providence, one that facilitates labor initiatives, tax initiatives, and resolves humanitarian issues and reduces crime. Our hope is to be able to demonstrate a replicable process to solve and evolve the immigration system, while also servicing an ever-growing demand that poses a threat to every citizen.

True Labor Initiatives

Dynamic Capacity Group (DCG) brings you a labor program that encompasses all aspects of your workforce. Combining our proven track-records of success in labor management and our manufacturing expertise, we offer you a winning combination.

Why Bring In An Expert?

DCG knows that managing your labor force, including recruiting and training, is a full-time job. As experts, we can help you take care of your most valuable asset – your people.

We will analyze the labor pool in the market and your existing employees to establish a unique program that fits your organization.

We recruit and train employees, manage payroll (with complete compliance), and maintain an incredible safety program.

Weekly reporting of your efficiencies that allows you to manage your sales program effectively to keep up with the additional capacity we create.

What We Will

Do For You

We are true labor initiative experts.

Assess The Situation

Dynamic Capacity Group will assess your situation and determine what you need.

Leadership Techniques

We will make sure you are following all of the proper leadership techniques that facilitate a strong labor program and help you get the most out of your existing programs.

Strategize the basics

Do you have high attrition because your associates feel they’re not taken care of? Do you have a clean breakroom with enough microwaves for the team? Are the restrooms clean? Do you have a qualified incentive program? Do you hire anyone with a pulse? Does your facility have a lean understanding of continuous improvement?

Action Plan

The DCG team can put together an action plan that will improve your output while utilizing our partner 4ward Labor.

What is the cost?

Dynamic Capacity Group works with you to cut cost, increase productivity, increase profit, and become more efficient.

DCG’s high level of success.

We do not make money unless we perform!

Here’s an example:

If you average 1200 board ft per builder today and have 18 builders, that’s 21,600 board ft per day. At $1.38 per board ft, you are averaging around $30,000 per day in revenue. 

In theory, you should be around an 18% labor rate if you are managing your indirect employees and limiting overtime accordingly. Unfortunately, that is only 133 board ft per man hour, based on 9-hour work days. 

Instead, DCG will structure a program with incentives to reach 185-195 board ft per man hour. This increases your revenue by OVER$50,000 per week!! All without increasing your labor rate!!

True Labor Initiative Consultants | Dynamic Capacity Group
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Dynamic Capacity Group is true labor initiative consultants leading the industry in labor and training initiatives tailored to your organization’s needs.

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