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TRUE LABOR SOLUTION EXPERTS Plan your future labor solutions now.

DCG knows that managing your labor force, including recruiting and training, is a full-time job. As experts, we can help you take care of your most valuable asset – your people.

MANUFACTURING EXPERTS We're the preferred labor solution service.

This is demonstrated by our ability to perform on all levels of integrity, teamwork, accountability and continuous improvement for all sectors in the construction industry.

HOSPITALITY & STAFFING EXPERTS Our mission is to solve problems.

Our credibility in our space is second to none because of our domestic affiliate business partners.  We’re dedicated to enhancing, correcting and solving real problems in the construction and hospitality sectors.

WHY BRING AN EXPERT We understand the demand of maintaining a superior workforce to encompass complete customer satisfaction.


We will analyze the labor pool in the market along with your existing employees to establish a unique program that fits your organization.


We recruit and train employees, manage payroll (with complete compliance), and maintain an incredible safety program.


Weekly reporting of your efficiencies that allows you to manage your sales program effectively to keep up with the additional capacity we create.


We will make sure you are following all of the proper leadership techniques that facilitate a strong labor program and help you get the most out of your existing programs.


Do you have high attrition because your associates feel they’re not taken care of? Do you have a qualified incentive program? Does your facility have a lean understanding of continuous improvement?


The DCG team can put together an action plan that will improve your output while utilizing our expert strategies and staffing.

About Us

As a veteran owned company, our goal is to show the US Government, that we support and love, a true path to providence, one that facilitates labor initiatives, tax initiatives, and resolves humanitarian issues and reduces crime. Our hope is to be able to demonstrate a replicable process to solve and evolve the immigration system, while also servicing an ever-growing demand that poses a threat to every citizen.

Dynamic Capacity Group will streamline a labor pool that is consistent in regards to compensation requirements that fit a demographic profile to ensure successful capacity fulfillment, without compromising the industry well-being and reducing the labor costs of our trusted affiliate partners.  We desire to be the preferred labor supplier for all sectors in our space.  We will reach this goal by demonstrating our ability to perform on all levels of integrity, teamwork, accountability and continuous improvement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to solve problems by providing a path towards best practices in Human Resources and creating dynamic team strategies that empower the worker to grow their professional capabilities, but only with organizations that share the same core values.  We believe in leading from the front, cultivating trust and loyalty, thus providing an environment of dignity and respect.

Labor initiatives are our specialty.  Once we vet our clients’ leadership to ensure they share our values of appreciating their workforce, we position a strategic labor program to increase the capacity of the facility to enable growth the greatest way possible.   We understand the demand of maintaining a superior workforce to encompass complete customer satisfaction.

Want to work with experts you can trust? Contact us now to setup an appointment to discuss what we can do to help you.


Carl Allison President & Managing Partner

Carl has made it his life’s mission to help people and bring success to other businesses. A passionate and dedicated manufacturing consultant and executive with over 15 years of experience, he has enjoyed continual success in the hospitality, component manufacturing and structural building components industries.

Dylan Thomas Director Of Operations

Dylan graduated from Westminster College in 2016 with a degree in Engineering Physics/Math/Computer Science. Right out of college, Dylan started working at 84 Lumber with Carl as the operations manager and then followed Carl in 2019 when DCG was born.

Traci Hilwig Director of Administration

Traci graduated from Allegheny College with a degree in Physics then continued her education at Pitt Law School.  While she does possess her Juris Doctor, Traci knew right away that the legal field was not for her.  She spent almost twenty years working for A.J. Silberman before finally leaving to work with Carl and build the DCG business.

Nick Bombich Director of Marketing

Nick has over 20 years experience in brand marketing and creative design from conceptualization to delivery in both print, web, social media, and multimedia outlets. He graduated from the Art Institute with a B.A. in Graphic Design and Photography. After running his own successful photography and design business for 20 years, Nick moved on to take over the marketing for DCG.

Jake Thomas Accountant

Jake graduated from West Virginia University in 2015 with a degree in Accounting. Out of college, Jake started working in banking and has worked there for the last five years before receiving an offer in 2020 to work for DCG as an accountant.

Omar De La Rosa Director of Sales & Recruiting

Omar has extensive knowledge of truss plants as he has years of experience as a plant manager for bot ProBuild and 84 Lumber. He worked with Carl and Dylan at 84 Lumber, not only as a plant manager, but also a recruiter to help hire hundreds of production associates during his time there. Omar has such great talent and understanding for finding the right candidates for employment, Carl brought him aboard the DCG team in 2019 as the Director of Sales & Recruiting.

Juancarlos Gutierrez AGENCIA RETO Director Ejecutivo

Juancarlos joined the DCG team in early 2019 as the Director Ejecutivo for Agencia Reto, our partner company for staffing. Juancarlos helps us source candidates for our Latin American staffing project.

U.S. Site Reps Various Locations

DCG has site reps in the various cities that we work in. Having a site rep helps us to better communicate with our employees, relay information between the client-employees-partners, as well as address any questions and concerns our employees or clients might have.

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Frequently Asked Questions If you would like to learn more, would like to work with us, or would like to work for us, give us a call (724) 590-5532.

Why are we here?

We are facing a severe labor shortage in the United States. The US must take action to curb the reduction of our workforce. It is DCG’s mission to work within traditional structures to find modern solutions to the labor crisis we all face.

The effects of construction deadline failure affects multiple industries, primarily banking. Banking, real estate, land development, concrete fabricators, framers/general contractors, material suppliers, manufacturing, food handling, hospitality, and agriculture – we are all in the same boat riding towards a storm that we can’t survive.

What It Takes To Set Up A Location For DCG Program?

  • DCG secures and manages all work authorization processing along with compliance with the US Consulate office. Conducts screenings and in some cases provides training.
  • Candidates are set up with basic understanding and expectations. DCG makes arrangements to introduce candidates to site management.
  • A location must commit to at least 10 candidates. The candidates will arrive within 3 weeks of executed contract. Good stewardship to assist with candidates is requested to help alleviate potential culture shock.

What are the benefits of having a Latin American affiliate company?

  • Humanitarian social proof that offers a diplomatic alliance and strengthening of relations between Latin America and the US.  
  • Generation of tax dollars in excess of $135M in new payroll tax.
  • New incomes spent and other tax collections in local economies.  
  • Remittances in the millions of dollars to the Latin American economies.
  • Preservation of the American labor sector.
  • A new tax revenue generated in a completely legal manner.
  • The stewardship and cultural literacy training needed to reduce illegal immigration.

Why consider this program?

One hundred million workers in Latin America are underemployed.  We came to the epicenter of the Central American migratory crisis to provide a solution that offers income otherwise unachievable for the common laborer.  The cost for USCBP to manage the illegal immigration crisis is presently in excess of $1.2 million per day!  Latin Americans migrating illegally face tremendous personal risk which is a humanitarian crisis in and of itself.

PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY The moment the candidate passes our screening process; we provide resources to assist with gaining the proper documentation to allow them to receive work authorization! Our cultural literacy and associate stewardship is 2nd to none!

There are undeniable problems within the countries of Latin America.  Political unrest is at an all-time high.  Subsequently, the political unrest is disrupting local social economies.  GDP has been affected in excess of $400M.  It is only natural for the uneducated Latin citizens to seek prosperity.  Desperate people will do desperate things.  We all witnessed the nightmarish scenario of the caravan.  What the caravan falsely offered to the uneducated was a path of prosperity and a chance to achieve the American dream without any guarantees.  DCG working along side Agencia RETO is a fully developed solution sales provider to facilitate true access to the American dream.  

Our mission is to solve problems for the Latin Americans by providing access to jobs in the USA, creating streamlined screening, recruiting, logistics and training to prepare the candidate for the journey ahead that includes a guaranteed job!

Our organization has partnered with existing businesses that specialize in logistics and human resources.  Our executives are nationally recognized for their credibility regarding networking and providing labor initiatives in the staffing industry.  We adopt best practices in all fronts, sparing no expense to achieve the most effective outcome.


Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones during these uncertain times. Like so many, we have heavy hearts as we hear each day about the impacts COVID-19 is having on our communities. We continue to monitor this situation closely and wanted to take a moment to summarize some of the things we are doing to keep our customers and employees safe. During this time, we are committed to the safety of our DCG team in addition to providing excellent service and safety to our clients nationwide. At the current moment, we will continue to work and fulfill our obligations with our customers while following the precautions set in place to keep our customers and employees safe and healthy. We began taking necessary precautions to ensure everyone’s safety by having our corporate employees work remotely as much as possible and educating our onsite employees on the seriousness of this pandemic and providing the steps necessary to maintain good health. Regardless of where our teams are working, we are well equipped with the right talent, skills and technology to continue to provide our customers with exceptional service. If the companies we staff have specific rules or regulations, we will be sure to update our employees with the same information so that everyone can continue to be productive while maintaining a safe work environment.

As we learn more or things change, we will update you here. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us or call.

Thank You
The DCG Team